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Born 1963 in Hamburg, studied in Hamburg and Boston, Fulbright alumi. Worked in Berlin and Potsdam for 13 years, as a public service journalist for the ARD radio & TV network. As moderator, editor and live reporter. Since January 2001 self-employed trainer & coach, process facilitator & organizational developer. Since the beginning of 2008 also Managing Partner of the company “medienbüro babelsberg GbR”. Happily married, 2 adult children, living in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

As a self-employed coach & trainer, mediator & facilitator of group processes and as a consultant in the field of organizational development, I have consciously positioned myself broadly since 2001. Professionally and methodologically. I enjoy adapting to my clients and their individual needs. That suits me, I don’t like ready-made solutions from a drawer, but always look for new tasks and challenges. I work throughout Germany and offer all my services at the same level in English.

As an ARD journalist, I have learned in thirteen colorful years to quickly penetrate new topics, to explore causes and to always adapt to new people. I can ask goal-oriented and persistent questions, I am used to dealing with top executives from politics, business and society and I can go ahead and lead and also assert myself in the interest of my clients.

I am empathic, can listen deeply, intuitively “feel” my counterpart and at the same time separate my own processes from those of my clients in consulting or training.

Part of my self-image is lifelong learning in the context of continuous education. Especially in the areas of coaching, team and group processes, mediation and organizational consulting, I have been continuously educating myself and getting certified since 2001.

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