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Handmade & tailored to your needs

Train your communication, media appearance and public speaking skills – with a personal training.
Or strengthen your team´s skills – in a workshop led by an experienced trainer.




Handmade & tailored to your needs.

Train your communication, media appearance and public speaking skills – with a personal training. Or strengthen your team’s skills – in a workshop led by an experienced trainer.

My training offers include

  • Public appearance training (speeches, presentations, panel discussion, Q&A sessions…)
  • With camera & microphone: media training (tips, tools and interviews on yout topics…)
  • Facilitation training (of events and group processes…)
  • Training for group & team development (leading groups with participative methods)
  • Training for organizational development (setting up change processes, designing them & leading them to success

Tailored to your specific needs – and with your own professional topics. With a trainer & journalist who provides you with methods, tips and tricks for your “toolbox”, strengthens your development skills and navigates you through a hands-on training.

As personal training or team training. In our consulting room, in-house at your organization or off-site in an external room, which we may also be able to arrange. After consultation also online.


“The VDMA is Europe’s largest industry association and had been looking for a professional media trainer with a long-time experience, able to meet highest standards, for quite some time. In Helga Lensch we found a perfect fit! Not only does she have a deep understanding of guiding top-level executives through difficult interview and other media situations, both in English and German, for all formats including live television or radio. Together with her partner, Mrs. Lensch also set up a full-blown crises scenario to practice with VDMA-managers how to successfully handle such a situation. In all her courses, Mrs. Lensch impressed us with her deep understanding of media trainings and individual attention. What also makes her such an outstanding coach is her own preparation for the job: by the time the trainings started, Mrs. Lensch was on an eye level with all participants in all the topics of the widespread field of the mechanical engineering industry.”

“Great training with lots of tools, tips, tricks & even useful handouts to refer to in the future! “

“Helga Lensch’s media training was everything I had hoped for: tailored to my specific needs, combining both theory and practice and delivered in a professional and friendly manner. I found the interview practice sessions particularly valuable and am satisfied that I have acquired new skills which will help me to communicate my organisation’s core messages to the media more effectively.”

Holger Paul
Head of Communication, VDMA (Association of Mechanical and Plant Engineers)

“I completed a double moderation training in English over two days with Helga Lensch and highly recommend the training and Mrs. Lensch. I am a native English speaking American and co-moderator was a native speaking German. We moderated a 2 day convention for 200 of our companies top international leaders in English at an event in Germany. The training made us feel well prepared and confident to be on stage and in the spotlight, having no previous experience in this setting. Our moderation was a success due to the expertise of Mrs. Lensch.

She guided us in the fundamentals of being on stage, interacting with a co-moderator where we created a fun yet professional dynamic. We learned how to appear relaxed, how to prepare our content, how to engage the audience and how to deal with unexpected situations. She instructed us, answered our questions, had us practice, gave us direct and honest feedback and suggestions and guided us to be well prepared. She helped take us from inexperienced to something smooth and professional, so much so that we were immediately asked to complete the moderation again. The training facility is well prepared, including the necessary technology and a representative room in Babelsberg. Learning at a film studio helps set a positive tone from the beginning and based on her experience, Mrs. Lensch is an expert who is great to learn from.

I strongly encourage you to select the services of Mrs. Lensch and am confident your expectations will be exceeded!”

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